Start Off-page SEO


Start On-page SEO

  • Top Search Engine Ranking
  • Growth in Sales & Leads
  • Higher Brand Visibility
  • Boost Social Presence
  • Improve Customer Reach
  • Transperent SEO
  • Dedicated Project Manager

Time frame: 3 months

Price: $900 per month is the regular price. Get $300 DISCOUNT if you run Flynax, SkaDate, Worksforweb, OpenCart software – use the coupon code “flyska“.



    • Website audit

    Before starting a project, we need to evaluate it.  Thus, it will help you and us see the Strengths, Weakness, Threats and Opportunities for your project.

    • Niche research

    We will analyze the business orientation of your website and dig the niche.

    • Keyword research

    After the niche search, we will check the appropriate keywords for your website.

    • Keyword semantic core creation

    Among the number of keywords directly or indirectly relevant to your website, we will choose with you the most needed keywords for optimization, thus a semantic core with keywords (up to 10 keywords) will be created.

    • Search engine URL submission

    We will submit your website to search engines, to inform about your presence. (This can be done if your website wasn’t submitted before).

    • Content creation and submission

    After the analysis and selected keywords, we will start preparing content about your website and further submission to spread the word about your website on the net.

    • Article submission (unique article creation)

    We will write an article about your website and submit it to 50 article websites.

    • Directories (content creation for titles, descriptions, and keywords)

    We will develop content about your website for directories which collect information about websites according to its sphere of activity and submit to 50 directories.

    • Boost Social Presence & Social network submission

    To boost your social presence on the net, using the aforesaid information about your website, we will spread the word about your website:

    – through Social Bookmarking, we will make 50 social bookmarking,

    – Blog posting (3 in general, and 3 niche related)

    – SlideShare and Tumblr profile creation

    – Facebook and Twitter posting about your website (up to 10 posts)

    • Transperent SEO

    We do only white had SEO, that’s why our SEO is transparent. We do what we practiced already 14 years and it works. After the completion of the ordered service we will provide the detailed report, so you can check and see how it was performed.

    Time frame: 3 months

    Price: $900 per month is the regular price. $600 per month is the discounted price  for Flynax, SkaDate, Worksforweb, OpenCart users.


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